One person. All the marketing.

A marketing expert with a range like Mariah.


Analyzing competition, identifying strengths, creating strategy, and making hard decisions are hallmarks of my Strategic Marketing Management.


Awesome content, engaging social media deployment and intelligent web design are the cornerstones of my Digital Media Marketing experience.


Gathering stakeholders, setting objectives, and flawless execution from end to end are what define my particular brand of Event-Based Marketing.


How much can you really know from a website? 

Even the most capable individual may not have what I do: a winning attitude and the persistence to go the distance. Get in touch with me today, to see how I can make the difference for your organization. 


What you see is what you get

I have an extensive repertoire of experiences and tools at my disposal. Check out the list below and see if I have something for you.

Strategy Development
Advanced Analytics
Lead Generation
Web Development
Graphic Design
Social Media
Email Marketing
Print Production
Trade Show Management
My story

How did I get from here to there? 

Everyone has a story, even me. I’ll tell you all about the circumstanes and considerations that went into making me, me. 

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Don’t take my word for it; see what some of my colleages have to say:

You were one of our most memorable employees.

Eva Konrad

Rollac Shutter of Texas, Inc.

You are a left field genius. 

Adam Lobas

Smoothwall Inc.

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Marketing Magic doesn’t happen everyday, and neither do highly experienced, yet totally reasonable marketers like myself. Don’t just pinch yourself, write me!