Work History

My Relevant Work History

HUBER Technology, Inc. – 03/2018 – Present
A premier wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer with visibly distinctive quality.
7935 NorthCross Center Ct. Huntersville, NC 28078
P: 704-990-2053
HUBER’s Website

Key accomplishments:

  • Increase in leads gen at key trade show by 100% year over year (200 – 400)
  • Increase in twitter impressions by more than 500%
  • Launch of Facebook and completion of LinkedIn Company Page
  • Development of new webspace and launching of webinar program

Marketing Manager ▪ Mar 2018 – Present

    • Strategy, planning, budgeting, reporting brand, PR, and ROI development
    • Managing a calendar of 40 trade shows including one 40×40
    • Lead gen, email, social, content creation, thought leadership
    • Research, customer and competitor analysis, survey design and deployment

Smoothwall Inc. – 02/2014 – Present
The one-of-a-kind content-aware web filter leading the education market
8008 Corporate Center Dr., Suite 410, Charlotte, NC 28226
P: 800-959-3760
Smoothwall’s Website

Key accomplishments:

  • Generation of over 500K in opp revenue from web leads created in 2017
  • Growth of lead generation by 33% year over year (333 to 433)
  • Launching geographically independent Social Media channels
  • Participation in website restructure and redesign

Marketing Manager ▪ Oct 2015 – Present

  • Strategy, planning, budgeting, reporting and ROI tracking
  • Brand, PR, website management, content creation, thought leadership
  • Lead gen, email, social, and Adwords campaigns, trade shows management
  • Research, customer and competitor analysis, survey design and deployment
  • Management, employee development, performance improvement, coaching

Marketing Specialist ▪ Feb 2014 – Oct 2015

  • US adaptations, collateral and video creation, blog writing
  • Email and Adwords campaigns, trade show management
  • Reporting, Google Analytics, email open rates

Stein Service & Supply LLC – 07/2012 – 02/2014
B2B and B2C material handling products including pallet rack, lockers, and shelving
1301 Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273
P: 704.587.9558
Stein’s Website

Key accomplishments:

  • Launching web store for wire shelving using CoreCommerce
  • Development of online quote generator using Javascript

Marketing and Customer Service ▪ July 2012 – Feb 2014

  • Customer service, quotes, order placement, payment, dispute resolution
  • Inventory management, freight quotes, drop-shipments
  • Website management, E-commerce management and creation, email campaigns

Rollac Shutter of Texas, Inc. – 02/2002 – 08/2009
B2B and B2C rolling shutter solutions for security, energy efficiency, and hurricane protection
5331 W. Orange St., Pearland, TX 77598
Rollac’s Website

Key accomplishments:

  • Launching new website using WordPress
  • Product launch of new, patented rolling shutter slat
  • Design patent filings for new, improved rolling shutter slat
  • Development of product lines and brands for rolling shutter slats: EcoComfort, DuraComfort, SecuraComfort, SecuraSure

Marketing Manager ▪ June 2004 – Aug 2009

  • Brand launch and development, product line creation, website management
  • Lead gen, direct mail, advertising, trade show management, dealer support
  • Research, survey creation, ABC customer and sales analysis
  • Reporting, Patent and trade mark filings
  • Management, departmental leadership, art direction

Graphic Design Intern ▪ Feb 2002 – Jun 2014

  • Collateral creation, brochures, catalogs, advertisements, specification sheets

My Less-Relevant Work History

Starbucks – 09/2009 – 10/2010
7819 Forest Pine Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273
Barista Responsibilities include:

  • Memorizing and executing precise drink recipes in rapid succession
  • Delivering service excellence to maintain the “Starbucks Experience”