Then it got real…

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Then it got real…

Although I always knew that I wanted to be a creative, I didn’t always know exactly what that meant. Truth be told, a career in the fine arts scared the hell of out me because of two words: starving artist. I guess you could say the only thing more fundamental to my identity as an artist was my reality as a pragmatist (although I would also not acquire that word until years later, thanks for my Philsophy Minor).

That left me in a strange position; as a stereotypical artistic person, I would often eschew the more base realities of the “business world,” but I was terrified of living on my own and not being able to support myself. So much was my terror that even though I had my portfolio evaluated by the Art Institute of Chicago as promising, and would have likely been admitted, I choose a different route: the Art Institute of Houston (no affiliation).

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