And I got busy

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And I got busy

Eventually I settled on getting an A.A.S. in Graphic Design. When I started at the Art Institute of Houston, in the back of my mind, I genuinely wondered if I was being ripped off. I mean, the admissions process was super easy, they were looking for all kinds of ways to find me money to attend (through loans, of course), and the program seemed really compressed compared to what I heard college would be like. In short, it was all the worst the for profit college had to offer. Well, almost all the worst…

While I was there, after the first couple of mini-semesters of art theory, we got straight into digital design using really state-of-the-art Macs. Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark X-Press, you name it. I even got little tastes of interactive design using Macromedia Flash and Director (yes, that long ago). And while I found the program to be overall light on theory, one of the absolute best aspects of it was the requirement of a Graphic Design Internship.

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